(12/13/2023) New Updates:

  • (12/1/2023) T-6 Pilot - Pensacola
  • (12/11/2023) T-6 Pilot - 12 FTW
  • (12/12/2023) KC-46 Pilot
  • (12/12/2023) KC-46 Boom Operator
  • (1/2/2024) C-17 Loadmaster Basic
  • (1/2/2024) C-17 Loadmaster Airdrop
  • (1/2/2024) C-17 Loadmaster Instructor (non AD)
  • (1/7/2024) C-17 Pilot Basic
  • (1/7/2024) C-17 Pilot Airdrop


What Does This Thing Do?

The on-line quiz system is provided to give you an easy opportunity to "bone-up" on procedures and systems. For aircrew quizes, questions are generated out of the respective HQ AMC Stan/Eval master question files (MQF). Other quizes, if available will be from the indicated source. 


Random Quizes

This is simply a study aid for crewmembers. Questions are randomly selected from the database to test your knowledge.  No personal or performance data is collected from these quizes. 


Directed Quizes

Two types - (1) Organization's DOV, DOT or OGV can select 20 questions from the respective MQFs and request organizational members take the quizes. (2) Aviators can select a 100 question random quiz. For both, the user is required to login in order to track accomplishment. User last name, score, and time of quiz is tracked. The results are available for viewing through the "Quiz Admin" link. Password is required.


Need a Paper Quiz?

Tired of Cutting and Pasting one question at a time from your MQF when you need to build a mass quiz for people to take? Try this out. You can print the basic quiz from the web page itself or copy the entire document into your word processor for more elaborate formatting.


Want More Info...?

If you desire more specific information about the quiz system or would like to request a specific capability be added, contact the administrator using the email link to the left. If you find errors in the system, please forward as much info about the error and question involved via the contact email.